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What we need today:

  • Mattresses
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Night Stands
  • Lamps
  • Microwaves
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Pans
  • Silverware
  • Toiletries/sewing kits
  • Ready to eat food (access to hot water)

It’s estimated that  5,000 youth experience homelessness in Utah each year. Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center serves about 1,000 of those clients. Their ages range from 13-23.  They take care of these young people through street outreach, their drop in center and transitional housing.

This is a big problem as there are no over-night shelters for kids under 18. It is illegal to be an unaccompanied minor in Utah.  They either have to sleep on the street or get sent to Youth Services and back into the foster system, which can be terrifying to a young person.  These kids literally have nowhere safe to go.  We’re told it only takes 7 days for a functional, well-adjusted kid to become hooked on drugs (so they can stay awake and protect themselves) and begin selling themselves for money, just to survive.

When they do turn 18, the center works with them to become self-reliant, beginning with housing and a job. When these young people are able to secure housing, they often have nothing in the way of furniture, cooking utensils or any day-to-day household items.  We typically find young people are sleeping on hard floors, with only a sleeping bag and a small pillow.

That’s where we come in! We pick up any useful items that people want to get rid of, then deliver them directly into the hands of the person who needs it most.  Please take a look at the list and see if you have anything you would like to donate today.  We’ll come pick it up! Don’t worry if your stuff is a little damaged or worn, as these kids literally have nothing and appreciate everything.

Please call or email and let us help you de-clutter your life, while creating a new beginning for someone in need!

We pick up every Monday, so contact us and you can leave it somewhere convenient.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver” 

Maya Angelou

Michael Mathie DesignDesign Community Outreach

The Difference A Pair Of Glasses Can Make

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Thanks to our friends at Frameworks Eyewear, this young man has a fabulous new pair of glasses and can see clearly.   We brought him to pick out his pair of glasses and as soon as we found this frame,  he was in love.   As he sipped  his complimentary coffee he exclaimed, “This has to be the best glasses store I’ve ever been too!”  We absolutely agree.   Frameworks Eyewear  and Dr. Scott Barnes at Alta View Eye Care has teamed up to donate eye exams and prescription eyewear to the kids we have worked with.

Another young man, who was able to get new glasses was able to quit his job as a fast food cook and is now doing something he loves,  working on small computer boards.   He was able to step out of the poverty cycle simply because he can see properly.

Help us support these extraordinary businesses in our community.  A portion of every sale of Frameworks Eyewear’s Eyeshop brand goes towards new eyeglasses and eye exams for people in need.


Michael Mathie DesignThe Difference A Pair Of Glasses Can Make

Today We Created A Home For A Sweet Young Girl!

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Today, we transformed an empty little studio into a beautiful home.   This sweet girl works at a pizza place and spends most of her income on this tiny space.  While she was at work, we were able to design a new home for this hard-working young lady.  Only through your generosity were we able to make this happen.  Please donate and share this with others so we can continue this wonderful work.  We will come pick up any furniture or household items.  Check out our blog for the items we need most. Call us at 801-953-4685 to schedule a pick up.  Thanks to all of our wonderful friends who have helped make this possible.

Michael Mathie DesignToday We Created A Home For A Sweet Young Girl!

Looking for a crib

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One of the young adults we are working with is days away from having her first baby. We’ve been able to help furnish her apartment but she does not have a crib for her newborn. If you or anyone you know has one, please let us know and we will gladly come pick it up. It will go to an extremely happy and grateful mom.

Michael Mathie DesignLooking for a crib

A Veterans Design

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We had the great pleasure of meeting and moving in Sonny, who is a vet. He proudly served our country for many years. He was a little overwhelmed by all the new stuff we brought in. He didn’t think he deserved it all. Well this is just a small token of how grateful we are for the men and women who serve and keep us safe. The honor was all ours. We thanked him for his service to our country and explained that all his furniture was donated with love. We told him there are lots of people who care and want to help.

Thank you all for spreading the word and keeping your donations coming. We couldn’t do this with out YOU.



Michael Mathie DesignA Veterans Design

Helping Hands!

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The young residents of the apartment buildings, where our big landscape design job is taking place, could not wait a single second to try out their new swing set. Every kid joined in so they could play faster! They followed us around asking “what can I do?” Many hands make for very entertaining days.

We are also very excited to announce, we were able to hire two of the young men we have worked with to obtain housing. One of them being the father of the young baby we posted about last month.   We never could have dreamed this is where our journey would take us but we are absolutely enjoying the ride.






Michael Mathie DesignHelping Hands!
2014-05-21 14.17.51

The Gift of Sight

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Last April, we teamed up with Frameworks Eyewear to raise money for homeless youth to receive much-needed eye exams and eyeglasses.  As part of their annual sunglass party they gave a portion of their proceeds to help these youth to be able to see again.

We picked out two very nice pairs of Eyeshop eyeglasses, both with transitions lenses and all the best coatings!

These young men both have really high prescriptions and neither had glasses. One of them could only see about 4″ in front of his face.  He said walking to work was quite difficult and it was even harder to read the food orders that came in at his job.

Frameworks Eyewear and Alta View Eye Care are committed to help bring sight to people in our community who cannot afford any eye care.  We are so grateful for companies like these who stand up and are helping to end the perpetual poverty cycle.

Michael Mathie DesignThe Gift of Sight

It’s A Girl!!!!

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We are very excited to welcome baby Naiyah into this world! She was born this morning at 1:16. Now Michael, Naiyah and Tyler are 5,6,7! Just what we asked for. :)  She will be comfy, cozy and very well dressed thanks to all of you!!!! Thanks again to everyone who pitched in and gave this little one a lovely home and a great start to this life. 

Michael Mathie DesignIt’s A Girl!!!!

Thanks to you, another young man has a home.

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Last week, we were able to move in “G”. He’s a very nice young man who had slept on the floor for the last 2 years. He loves to play video games when he comes home from work, so we were able to give him a sweet entertainment room, where he can relax and play. I asked him about his new bed yesterday and he said it was like “sleeping on a cloud.”

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to give these kids a new start with a new home. This is making a bigger impact than we ever imagined.

Please share with your friends! We are still in need of mattresses, dressers and other household items.

Michael Mathie DesignThanks to you, another young man has a home.

Never Give Up!

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Our fabulous new friends at The Volunteers of America remind us to never give up!!!  THERE IS someone out there who cares! :)

Michael Mathie DesignNever Give Up!

Miracles Do Happen!

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We found out on Friday of a homeless girl who is ready to give birth to her first baby any day now. With the help of V.O.A., they were able to secure an apartment but there was not a single thing in their place.   She had been sleeping on some blankets on the ground. You can imagine the discomfort of being ready to give birth while sleeping and sitting on the floor . She still had such a positive outlook in spite of her bleak circumstances.  Her partner is working 2 jobs just to support her and the baby.   Again, I am humbled at the quick response from so many wonderful, kind, giving people.  The call went out and yesterday we moved an entire, fully furnished apartment for her to have her baby.

Her place is now ready to welcome her new bundle of joy!  I can’t thank those who helped out enough.  I am so touched by the generosity of people.  You truly are my heroes! Together, we are dramatically impacting  peoples lives for good.

Michael Mathie DesignMiracles Do Happen!